2023 Concierge Membership Update

It’s a new year, so there are some housekeeping updates to the Concierge Membership for 2023! As of April, we are still accepting new doctors for the concierge membership. While we sometimes get full, we happily allow new doctors to sign up and receive support as needed and will let you know on our website if we don’t have space. This limit is put in place so we don’t get too overwhelmed with clients and can help everyone’s needs.

If you’ve been considering taking a break from the Concierge Membership, no problem! Our service plan is flexible, and if you don’t feel that you need to continue with the membership for education, you don’t have to. However, we will mention that your price locks in for auto-renewal, meaning that as fees go up over time, these increases don’t apply to you! But, if you need a month or two off, we understand. Just be sure to let us know before your account auto-renews!

One of the most important updates in 2023 is an update on travel and Zoom availability. For full disclosure, our consulting services started from a need for flexibility and a passion for education, and this year will be where the flexibility aspect plays in. Questions and communications will always be within 24 hours as promised, but due to frequent travel, Zoom meeting availability can be spotty. Transparency is important to us, so it’s important to disclose that travel does impact our ability to have Zoom meetings.

If you’re a big fan of Zoom, these meetings will be mostly unavailable in July. Because of this, we recommend starting either now in April so we have enough time to get started or starting later in the year in August. We want to ensure that you feel satisfied with the help you’re getting. Having enough time to get to know each other before this busy month will give you the best experience.

As always, our FAQs are available on our website to help with questions that come up often. Otherwise, a wide variety of questions are answered through our many YouTube videos, which often come from doctors like yourself! Leave comments, reach out through messages, and always continue asking questions. Education is our biggest priority, whether through our paid mediums or our free ones. Don’t hesitate to keep asking questions and keep learning about the wonderful world of ortho!