If you have been trying to take or interpret CEPHs, knowing where and how to start is highly important – and this is something that can often seem challenging for new general dentists and orthodontists. However, a CEPH x-ray is often pivotal for the successful treatment of a challenge in patients, which is why our collection of videos focuses on CEPHs to bolster your learning.

What is a CEPH?

A CEPH is a vital part of the Invisalign before and after process for many orthodontists, providing a thorough view of the patient’s jaw. This simple process allows an orthodontist to analyze facial bone and soft tissue, making suitable treatment plans easier with minimal revisions, refinements, or delays.

However, while the CEPH x-ray can be a little tricky to interpret, this becomes relatively easy once you know what you’re looking for. As such, our CEPH playlist covers all of the basics you’ll need to know before starting an Invisalign course, from tracing a CEPH to filling out referrals and more.

Optimize your Results with Our Easy Orthodontics Courses and Videos

No matter how long you’ve been working in the orthodontics field, there’s always room to learn more – and our free online orthodontic courses and videos can help. Indeed, here at Straight Smile Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to create easy orthodontics guides to support our consulting services, and we firmly believe that many orthos could use these guides to further their own treatment plans.

So, whether you’re new to orthodontics or if you’re just dabbling in CEPHs more thoroughly for the first time, we’re here to help. Discover our CEPHs easy orthodontics playlist here to increase your knowledge and accurately assess patient cases.



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