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Case Selection for GP Orthodontics Cases

I like to think about orthodontic case selection for general dentists as falling in to either green, yellow or red light categories:1. Green Light:These criteria apply to all general dentists, regardless of experience level. • Class 1 molar AND canine. • No missing or impacted teeth except 3rd molars.• No history of present or past […]

Easy Wire Sequence for Straightwire

Doctors often ask me about wire sequence for patients. It can be impossible to create a cookbook/cookie-cutter wire sequence but in general this is how I do it: 1. 14 niti (but sometimes you go go straight to 16 if not that crooked) Very rarely do I need to start with 12 niti. It is […]

RPE, Expander, Schwartz

PURPOSE: The purpose of this appliance is to widen the arch(es) usually to aid in the correction of a crossbite (usually due to a functional shift), resolve crowding, and/or expand overly constricted arches, particularly in the posterior region. When designing your appliance, make sure you communicate your goal to the lab so that the design […]

Hand / Wrist X-Ray Analysis for Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Copyright StraightSmile Solutions® 2019 Hand Wrist Radiograph in Orthodontics StraightSmile Solutions® uses a variation from the Hand Wrist Radiograph from The Atlas of Greulich and Pyle (1959) Why is Growth Prediction Important in Orthodontics?   *To understand the potential direction of facial development * To predict growth potential left * Too stage the onset of […]

The Virtual Orthodontic Consult- Smile Snap

Click here to watch the video about SmileSnap. My inbox is suddenly inundated with inquiries about the concept of the “orthodontic virtual consultation”. VCs are nothing new for me. I’ve been doing them for years and helping orthodontic offices all over the world learn how to screen their patients more efficiently. This is NOT DIY/DTC […]