Doctors often ask me about wire sequence for patients. It can be impossible to create a cookbook/cookie-cutter wire sequence but in general this is how I do it:

1. 14 niti (but sometimes you go go straight to 16 if not that crooked)
Very rarely do I need to start with 12 niti. It is only if it is crazy crooked or with very high canines.

2. 16 niti (but sometimes you can skip this if it “cooked” good in 14)

3. 18 niti ( you can do front teeth power chain only in this wire but go mesial to mesial only from lateral to lateral and put a single tie on the distal)

*** stop here*** wait until 18 niti is 100% passive and then re-eval bracket position and rebracket to ideal prn.

Once all the bracketing is perfect and both you and the patient are 100% happy with the alignment and leveling of the teeth you can move on.

4. 17×25 niti
(in this wire you work on bite and close spaces so elastics and power chain if needed)

5. 18×25 niti

Usually done after this unless there are transverse issues still and then you can go into SS wire like 18×25 Stainless


If you still have deep bite or open bite issues you can go into RCS/ACS wires

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