Bonding Buttons to Crowns in Invisalign: Should You Do It?

When doing Invisalign cases, knowing about the different quirks you might encounter while creating a treatment plan (and how to approach them). One such example is crowns – knowing whether you should bond a button to a crown can help you create better treatment plans.
Should You Bond Buttons to Crowns in Invisalign?
If your Invisalign patient has crowns, we generally recommend not bonding to crowns unless there is no other option. If you do bond to crowns, you’ll likely need to replace the crown after the treatment plan – and naturally, this may not be feasible for patients who have gold crowns and the like that come with a high price tag.
Slots or Buttons: Which is Right For Crown Treatment Plans?
If your Invisalign treatment plan has crowns involved, there are a few options you could consider.
The exact approach you’ll likely want to use will often depend on the level of movement and your preferences. Here at Straight Smile Solutions, we generally prefer to avoid slots, as the approach can potentially pull the trays out of the mouth (especially in cases with lots of movement). Due to this, doing the movement first may help.
A more valuable option may be to move the precision cut for the button to another tooth. Usually, the one behind or in front of the crown may be popular, and while this may need different elastics, it can still work well with the right treatment plan.
If you’re still unsure, contact our friendly experts at Straight Smile Solutions for support with your specific case.