Dentistry Side Hustles You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about getting started with dentistry side hustles? In many cases, finding the ideal side hustle ideas can be a little difficult – but numerous excellent side hustle ideas can help you find the perfect solutions for your own income needs.
Remember: there’s no single solution that’s necessarily right for everyone, but starting your own side hustle alongside your orthodontics work is hugely valuable overall. So, it’s well worth considering potential side hustles for dentist consultants and how these might work for your own income needs.
The Best Side Hustles for Dentist Consultants You Should Know
KOL Work
KOL work can be hugely effective as an orthodontics side hustle. KOL work (Key Opinion Leader) is a form of marketing where you give lectures, webinars, and the like.
These side hustles can bring a good income. They can also be a brilliant way to grow your PowerPoint and presentation skills. However, they are somewhat restrictive; you may need to reschedule your plans to fit in with your client’s requirements, which can be incredibly frustrating in many cases.
Expert Networks
Expert networks are a great option for a decent income relatively quickly – especially if you have plenty of experience in the field. Expert networks are relatively easy to get involved with, but you may need to receive an invitation before getting started. However, it’s worth considering that they can take a relatively high cut for your services.
Some common examples for dentists and consultants include GLG, Guidepoint, Ridge Top, Alpha Sites, and the like.
Monetize Clinical YouTube Channels
One of the most obvious ways to create a side hustle in orthodontics – is to create your own monetized YouTube channel. There are numerous ways to monetize a clinical YouTube channel, such as advertisements.
If you already have skills in presenting, this can be a simple way to make a steady, passive income – but the earnings may be much lower than other options. However, it can take a long time to set up, too. Don’t forget the size of your target market, too.
Clinical Consulting
Clinical consulting is another hugely valuable opportunity for dentist consultants who have years of experience and want to help new orthodontists. This can be particularly valuable if you have a specialist field, but you’ll need proper insurance in place. It’s also worth noting that, depending on your clients’ requirements, you may need to be responsive at impractical times.
Recruiting for DSOs
As a further option, recruiting for DSOs could be a good option for orthodontics side hustles. Many DSOs need professional staff and don’t necessarily want to spend time trying to implement this themselves. However, generating leads won’t always result in hires – leaving you missing out on income. Plus, you’ll need to be a specialist to ensure
Final Thoughts
Orthodontics is a hugely exciting field, but branching out can be a further opportunity for dentist consultants. Today, we’ve outlined some of the best ideas you need to know to help your own orthodontics side hustles, too.

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