Not all anterior open bites are the same, but treating adult cases and growing children can be very different. In fact, with patients who are done growing their anterior open bite must be treated at the cause level. Otherwise, there can be harmful effects as a result.

This article will address why you should avoid taking adult open bite cases for correction via alignment, including being unable to predict outcomes, potentially causing harm to the patient, and mistreating patients based on age.

Reason 1: You cannot predict the outcome of treatment.

You must address, diagnose, or inspect the etiology of the open bite in an adult to guarantee or even expect that the open bite will be corrected with alignment. These cases are unpredictable by nature, so do not get swindled by alignment brands saying that fixing this abnormality is possible with aligners. In most cases, the problem is solved by treating the cause.

Reason 2: You risk causing more harm than good.

With severe anterior open bites with crowding, the open bite will get worse with the alignment of those teeth. This causes more problems for the patient and more problems for the treating doctor, as you run the risk of getting sued for causing real harm to your patients. There are many cases of adult open bite cases where teeth and structures can be put at risk by improperly using aligners for these cases.

Reason 3: Your adult patients should be treated differently than child cases.

For dental care, adult cases are not necessarily 18+. Rather, an adult case should be considered a case where the patient has stopped growing. People make the mistake of treating teenagers like children in these cases, assuming that because habits have changed, they can treat the case with aligners. However, if there are no further changes because the patient has stopped growing, these changes to the bite are permanent, and the bones are now deformed and cannot be addressed with Invisalign or other aligners.