2024 Mark Costes DSI DSN Freebies StraightSmile Solutions
I. Introduction
Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions. As we enter 2024, I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates. I create annual content, and this year, I’m especially grateful for my affiliation with the Mark Costus DSN (Digital Smile Network) group, where I serve as faculty. Working alongside some incredible doctors has been an honor. To express my gratitude, DSN members can access exclusive freebies by messaging me on the DSN workspace. One notable offer is a complimentary Allart Case Support Session, a $449 value, detailed on my website. DSN or DSi members can also choose three documents from our store annually. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars, and let’s make 2024 a year of collaboration and growth!
II. Freebies for DSN/DSi Members
A. Accessing freebies
1. Message on DSN workspace
2. Find Dr. Amanda Wilson
3. Alternatively, message on socials with the name
B. Offered freebies as a thank-you
1. Free Allart case support session
2. Redemption process for DSN members
3. Verification of active DSN membership
III. Free Allart Case Support Session
A. Explanation of the service
1. Detailed information on website
2. Assistance with various case types
B. Exclusions from the service
1. No support for jaw surgery cases
2. Exclusion of surgery-related cases like TADs
C. Value of the session
1. Priced at $449
2. Emphasizing it as a one-time offer
D. Process and commitment
1. Continuous support until the case is ready
2. Requirements for scheduling and preparation
a. Questions about the case type
b. Need for intraoral and extraoral photos
c. Recent panoramic X-rays and additional records
3. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction
4. Referral for cases beyond remote assistance
IV. Additional Information on Session
A. Multiple sessions, if necessary
B. Exemption from revisions and refinements
C. Accountability loop and proper treatment planning
D. Assurance of mind-blowing results
E. Credit offered if the case proves too challenging
V. Additional Benefits for DSN DSi Members
A. Document Store privileges
1. Pick three documents per year
2. Flexibility beyond the annual limit
B. Free documents during webinars
1. Upcoming webinars
2. Opportunities for obtaining additional documents
V. Additional Information for Non-DSN or DSi Members
A. Free document giveaways during webinars
B. Upcoming webinars for 2024
1. Thursday session
2. May 7th, 2024 session
C. Invitation for collaboration in webinars
VI. Guarantee and Benefits
A. Assurance of satisfaction
B. No additional charges for revisions and refinements
C. Accountability loop for proper treatment planning
D. Offer of credit for difficult cases or referrals
VII. Conclusion
Dr. Amanda is grateful for being a Mark Costes DSN faculty member (Dental Success Network) and values her association with remarkable doctors. As a token of appreciation, she offers freebies exclusively for DSN members, including a complimentary case support session, emphasizing its one-time nature and comprehensive assistance in preparing orthodontic cases. Dr. Amanda also highlights the value of DSN membership, providing access to three documents from their store. Her commitment to supporting colleagues is evident through her webinars and ongoing contributions. Her dedication to professional growth and collaboration shines through in her annual updates and generous offerings.