Airway and SDB Consulting

In 2017, the ADA adopted a policy mandating that all dentists be able to diagnose and treat airway and sleep disordered breathing (SDB) disorders in both adults and children. To read more about this policy, click here. StraightSmile Solutions® believes that careful evaluation and treatment planning regarding the airway is best practice for excellent patient care and risk management.

What is airway orthodontics?

Airway orthodontics seeks to discover the underlying cause of crooked teeth by evaluating obstructed breathing patterns and the position of the jaw, tongue and teeth. StraightSmile Solutions maintain that all orthodontic treatment plans should facilitate a healthy airway, proper downward and forward growth and development of the jaws, and the proper width of the palate and maxilla. Our treatment plan philosophy supports non-extraction and non-headgear treatment plans.

When should treatment begin?

At StraightSmile Solutions®, we recommend treatment begin as soon as poor facial growth is noticeable. In fact, the moment damage from bad habits has been discovered, it is important to begin airway orthodontics immediately. Signs that we should begin work with your patients as soon as possible include the inability to:

  • Easily breathe through the nose day and night
  • Hold their lips together as a natural habit
  • Rest the tongue on the palate
  • Swallow without the aid of facial muscles

What does treatment involve?

We work closely with our clients to monitor their patients in developing habit-forming breathing, eating, and sleeping practices. We work to correct facial changes using dentofacial orthopedic techniques.

Our team is familiar with all airway friendly orthodontic systems on the market, both adult and pediatric, and how to begin screening your youngest patients – as young as age 2 – in order to direct growth and development favorably. Helping the jaws grow forward, and not just wider, is the main objective. Contact us today!

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