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What Age Should You Stop Thumbsucking?

Orthodontist Turned Mystery Shopper for a Day: My Invisalign Store® Experience

Click here to watch the video. Note: The opinions presented below are that of the author, and have not been verified by Align Technology®. Multiple attempts were made to both contact the Align® Corporate team by email, but as of the date of this publication, Align® failed to return the inquiries. As an orthodontic consultant […]

Should You Dump Your 3Shape Trios®?

No! 3Shape Trios Scanner is arguably the best scanner on the market today. If you’ve been too busy with your shopping to keep up on current events in the dental industry, 3Shape® integration was abruptly “terminated” by Align Technology® this week, leaving thousands of dentists in a significant pickle. Without the ability to scan their […]

‘Twas the Night Before Align® Terminated 3Shape®

‘Twas the week before Christmas when all through the town, not a dentist was working no-one was around… The aligners were worn by the patients with care, with hopes that a debond would soon be near. When out in the mailbox arose such a clatter, I sprang from my golf game to see what’s the […]


October 2017 is a special month in the aligner world; this is the date of the first batch of Invisalign® patent expirations. What does this ultimately mean? Nobody knows for sure, but it should mean lower lab prices as competition confidently emerges. Straumann® took a huge step in the right direction with its acquisition of […]

Same Day Aligners—A Game Changer for the Orthodontic Industry

Instant gratification. Dental professionals are all too familiar with the benefits of this marketing strategy and the resulting benefits to their profit. However, the past generation, was unable to offer this opportunity to their aligner patients because Invisalign® cases take several weeks to design, print, and ship. In many geographic markets, aligners are surpassing braces […]

Healthy Start and Early Orthodontics

What is Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB)? Pediatricians often overlook the signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and fail to refer patients in a timely manner for necessary treatment. Kids can be screened for SDB as young as age two. Not only do SDB patients have more allergies and growth and development challenges, but also SDB […]

5 Surefire Steps to Slay your Invisalign® Lab Fees

What if you could live in a world where all your patients’ teeth could be aligned beautifully in-house and without lab fees? Imagine all the stunning smiles, happy patients, and robust business growth! This dream can be a reality for you with Structo® 3D Printers. The fundamental philosophy at Structo is to empower the industry […]

IDB for ME!

Need a fixed orthodontic solution? Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of General Dentists on various aligner systems. All too often, finishing cases is a significant barrier to overcome and trying to educate General Dentists who have no knowledge of basic straight-wire biomechanics is a challenge. IDB Solutions, like Six Month Smiles®, are excellent supplement […]

Dental Monitoring® (DM) to Maximize Ortho Profit

  Orthodontics can be an extremely profitable addition to any General Dental practice, but in order to maximize your profit, it’s important to manage your chair time efficiently. With the advent of new and more efficient plastics and metals, and the incorporation of Accelerated Orthodontics (AO) auxiliary systems like Propel®, Ortho Pulse® and AcceleDent®, the […]