Orthodontics can be an extremely profitable addition to any General Dental practice, but in order to maximize your profit, it’s important to manage your chair time efficiently.

With the advent of new and more efficient plastics and metals, and the incorporation of Accelerated Orthodontics (AO) auxiliary systems like Propel®, Ortho Pulse® and AcceleDent®, the utilization of Indirect Bonding Systems (IDB) like 6MS® and eXceed®, chair time overhead can often be significantly reduced by managing your patients remotely and eliminating unnecessary office visits.

The patient’s smart phone is transformed to a remote monitoring and scanning device for just $10-$15 a month.

The following are key patient benefits of Dental Monitoring®:

1. Safety:
Patients are monitored at the frequency the doctor prescribes, often 5 to 10 times more than a regular office visit. Movement is tracked and quantified and reports are generated to the provider’s dashboard.

2. Comfort:
You can enjoy virtual office appointments that only take a few minutes from the comfort of your home and as a result the frequency of office appointments is decreased.

3. Compliance:
The doctor can send encouragement to the patient regarding aligner or elastic wear, emergencies, or treatment progress and hygiene.

4. Overhead Reduction
Unnecessary office visits are eliminated by the utilization of tele-dentistry for the majority of the treatment. The patient is scheduled for office visits only when prescribed by the doctor.

5. Increased Patient Satisfaction
Patients are overwhelmingly satisfied by the reduced office visits and increased communication with the doctor and team, this leads to new patient referrals.
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