I posted an article about measuring orthodontic efficiency in your practice. If you haven’t taken my challenge, please click here before you proceed with the rest of the blogs in this series.

If your margin isn’t at least 50% on each case, you aren’t doing it efficiently. You should be profiting at least $1500-$2000 on each case. If you aren’t, read on. I’ll be talking about ways to take back control of the profitability of your orthodontic cases by leveraging technology to reduce chair time and lab fees.

I’ve been preaching remote consults and remote aligner check-ins for years with my StraightSmile Solutions® clients. This is not at all DIY or DTC dentistry. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s just reducing unnecessary chair time and increasing efficiency in your practice.

Dental Monitoring® (DM) is launching a myriad of programs to increase the ROI in your aligner, braces and functional appliance patients. I attended their symposium in Las Vegas this month, and we previewed some of the new products and features that will officially be launched at AAO in May. Today we’ll be focusing on  SmileMate®:

This product will be a game-changer in GP (general practice) and DSO orthodontics. You’ll be able to use this tool to take initial diagnostic photos and have the technology screen the complexity of the case. It will prompt you to refer to an orthodontist, as needed. Each doctor can customize the variables. It’s a great way for an orthodontist to work symbiotically with GPs in their area and to increase the rate and value of their referrals.

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