Is your Invisalign®, ClearCorrect® or generic, clear aligner treatment as productive as it could be? I recommend that all of my StraightSmile Solutions® clients run this basic test to calculate the efficiency of your orthodontic services:

1. Run a report of the last five orthodontic cases you’ve completed successfully (D8050-D8090). Calculate the collections and average them. Write the number here: _________

2. Calculate the overhead on each case. The overhead includes:

· The sum of lab fees for all the appliances, aligners, refinements, revisions and retention

· The sum of all supplies used

· The sum of the overhead on the chair time throughout the lifetime of the case (from consult to retention) for both doctor and staff chair time.

· Average the overhead on the 5 cases. Write the number here:____________

3. Subtract 2 from 1. Write the number here:______________

If the margin isn’t at least 50% on each case, you aren’t doing it efficiently. You should be profiting at least $1500-$2000 on each case. If you aren’t, stay tuned. I’ll be posting a series of articles over the next few weeks highlighting some tricks and tips about about ways to take back control of the profitability of your orthodontic cases by leveraging technology to reduce chair time and lab fees.

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