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I posted an article about measuring orthodontic efficiency in your practice. If you haven’t taken my challenge, please click here before you proceed with the rest of the blogs in this series.

If your margin isn’t at least enough on each case, you aren’t doing it efficiently. You should be profiting at least $1500-$2000 on each case. If you aren’t, read on. I’ll be talking about ways to take back control of the profitability of your orthodontic cases by leveraging technology to reduce chair time and lab fees.

I’ve been preaching remote consults and remote aligner check-ins for years with my StraightSmile Solutions® clients. This is not at all DIY or DTC dentistry. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s just reducing unnecessary chair time and increasing efficiency in your practice.

Dental Monitoring® (DM) is launching a myriad of programs to increase the ROI in your aligner, braces and functional appliance patients. I attended their symposium in Las Vegas this month, and we previewed some of the new products and features that will officially be launched at AAO in May. Today we’ll be focusing on DM AOD®

AOD™ (Appointments on Demand)

Those using DM® most efficiently are using the AOD™ feature. Gone are the time-consuming and often unnecessary, pre-booked orthodontic appointments. AOD™ patients are only scheduled an appointment when determined by the AI through the DM Scan Box. They have weekly, virtual check-ins from home. We all know that if an aligner treatment design or bracket placement is idealized, the cases just track as-planned. Revisions, refinements, mid-course corrections, wire bends, and bracket repositioning are now a thing of the past.

Many speakers at the DM® Symposium said their revision/refinement rate had dropped from 80-90% down to below 10% in their patients who were fully using DM®. This helps your bottom line immensely and also patient satisfaction. Their average aligner case duration also dropped by 50%. This frees up chair time and allows you to see more production patients. Again, I want to circle back to the quiz you did at the beginning of the blog. How much more production could you make from your orthodontic cases if you were more efficient?

If you’d like to learn more about DM AOD®, be sure to visit AAO in Los Angeles in May or connect with the Dental Monitoring® team. You can email me for an introduction.

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