Why Straight Smile Solutions Doesn’t Cover Wire Bending

Have you ever noticed that Straight Smile Solutions doesn’t usually cover wire bending topics? While we do have a single video on wire bending, it’s not something we cover regularly – and the simple reason behind this is that it’s just not a necessary skill. Indeed, you can complete incredibly easy orthodontics cases with relative ease simply by using alternative methods. In short: wire bending is old school ortho, and brackets often offer a superior solution overall.
Why Straight Smile Solutions Doesn’t Cover Wire Bending
We’ve been asked about wire bending before, and it’s a topic we’ve touched on briefly – but if you’re looking to provide orthodontics services, wire bending shouldn’t really be a skill you need much these days.
Indeed, while wire bending was a quintessential skill for orthodontists back in the day, it’s fallen out of fashion lately in favor of specialist brackets instead. Indirect bonded brackets often provide a much more reliable and simple solution for most patients, which is perhaps why so many ortho providers now focus on this approach instead.
So long as you get your brackets right, in the first place, wire bending is a pretty redundant skill. So, while it may not hurt to know how to do it, it’s not really a skill most orthodontists will need to use in practice so long as they have the right approach to brackets.
Find Out More About Switching to Brackets
If you’d like to learn more about switching to brackets, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions or check out our YouTube channel to find all of our braces and brackets content. Indeed, wire bending is often considered an outdated technique – so, why not modernize your approach instead?