There can be numerous reasons why Invisalign, ClearCorrect or clear aligners aligners crack but this blog will discuss the most common reasons. In order to diagnose the issue you need the following records:

1. The Treatment Plan
We are looking to see if the treatment plan was indeed “good” and even viable. If it is too rapid or unpredictable, this may be a cause of the breakage.


2. Compliance
I always recommend creating an in-house aligner tracking system but there are turn-key resources out there like You must have tracking pictures to measure the patient’s compliance.

3. New dental work or new teeth
If new molars are popping up like 12-year old molars or 3rd molars, this can act as a lever or pivot and cause flexing of the tray. Consider rescanning and be sure you capture the full distal aspect of the terminal molar.

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