When do you STOP turns for a RPE or Schwartz in a Growing Child?

1. have enough space for upper 3’s to come in (6 and 11)

• Keep in mind you may need to CONSOLIATE the spaces max 2-2 (or 7-10) with Phase 1 Braces or Aligners to meet this objective fully
• Be sure you use your My Phase 1 Smile Form® to screen to see if upper canines are at risk of impaction and use the tools we’ve taught you in our Phase 1 Interceptive course to use all the resources to precent impactions. Expansion is just ONE of the tips.

2. We have the upper teeth a half of a tooth wider than the lower or more- not enough to make brody bite but assuming you’ll get 10-20% relapse you want to be a lot wider.

• BE SURE if you see asymmetric expansion, that you make sure there’s NO CR-CO shift. This is very common and a lot of docs get fooled into stopping turns early- see our video in our @straightsmilesolutions YouTube channel on diagnosing CR-CO shifts.

3. Palate is no longer vaulted and the airway and SDB symptoms have resolved.

• Be sure you are doing a baseline SDB form. We have one available in our store. It’s also free to any attendees of our Phase 1 course or paid clients.