If you have been looking at finishing cases more quickly, considering fast braces techniques could be valuable – and simultaneously using an expander with braces can help speed up the process. However, if this is something you’ve been considering, it’s important to choose the right wires to ensure this fast braces approach won’t affect the expansion and make finishing cases harder.
What Wires Should I Use When Expanding an RPE Simultaneously with Braces
When choosing the right type of wire, you need to keep several factors in mind. Generally speaking, up to 18 ni-ti wires will be suitable for use simultaneously with expanders, as these are relatively flexible wires and don’t provide a counter force against the expander. However, try to avoid any wires heavier than an 18 ni-ti, as these may be more likely to exert a counter-force.
In addition, you could consider using sectional wires in the front when tackling fast expansion and braces cases simultaneously. However, this may somewhat depend on where you are looking to expand; for example, are you looking at the molar, premolar, or anterior areas predominantly? Indeed, this can influence the results and may cause the patient’s final arch form to look more like a triangle.
Overall, expanding an RPE and using fast braces simultaneously is possible, but you will need to use light wires (i.e., no heavy wires or Power Chain), which helps ensure that space isn’t closed and there are no significant counter forces. However, there is the risk they might pop some spaces; this can be resolved when finishing cases during the retention phase after the expansion is complete.