Quitting Your Job with Active Invisalign Cases

Sometimes, things happen outside of our control that can leave us having to leave our jobs behind. Whether it’s a change in circumstances, a family emergency, or the like, knowing how to prepare for these situations is important. However, one topic that’s not necessarily easy to work out is how to address your active Invisalign cases – and we’ve outlined some key things you need to know in today’s orthodontics guide to help.
Do I Need to Finish Active Invisalign Cases Before Leaving?
One of the first questions you may have asked is, do you need to finish your active Invisalign cases before leaving? Well, if you’re an associate, this will likely depend on your contract. If your contract requires you to finish cases, you’ll likely need to adhere to this. The requirements may also depend on whether you’re a business employee or a 1099 contractor.
It’s also worth considering whose Invisalign account the patient falls under (e.g., in your personal account, the owner-doctor’s account, or the company’s account). If the patient is in the owner-doctor’s account, this may mean you have fewer requirements to finish the case. However, if the patient is in your account, you’ll likely need to take responsibility for finishing the case (or arranging for someone else who can). You may be able to transfer the patient to the owner-doctor’s or company’s account.
Will I Get Paid for Unfinished Cases?
There’s no saying whether you’ll get paid for unfinished cases. Check the terms of your contract to see whether you will be paid (and how much) for an active unfinished Invisalign case. Often, however, you won’t be paid all or part of the fee.
What Will Happen If I Don’t Finish Active Invisalign Orthodontics Cases?
If you don’t finish active Invisalign orthodontics cases (or arrange for someone suitably experienced to do so), there’s a significant risk of getting poor reviews on your account. This could lead to patient abandonment and make it harder to get future work in your new area after leaving the previous employer.
Fortunately, here at Straight Smile Solutions, we can help with this! We can help audit your cases, informing you as to the progress of your cases; this makes it easier to transfer cases to the owner-doctor or another associate while giving you peace of mind.