What are the Risks of Double Power Chain?

Have you ever wondered about the risks associated with doing double power chain in your braces cases? Generally speaking, you will only need to use double power chain in a very small number of cases; however, knowing about the potential risks is highly important.
What Patients Can Have a Double Power Chain?
Double power chains should always be used carefully to avoid causing damage to a patient’s bite or roots. As such, you should not attempt to use it in deep bite patients (always fix the vertical first) or in patients who have anterior contacts, as this can cause issues due to the significant levels of force. However, patients who have incredibly dense bone and/or long tooth roots may be suitable for a double power chain, especially if the regular power chain is moving slowly.
If a patient is asking for a double power chain because they want two colors, consider offering them snake power chain instead. This is no more powerful than regular power chain but involves weaving the chain up and down over the brackets, giving you roughly the same fast results as normal braces without excessive force.
Potential Risks of Double Power Chain
There are several possible risks associated with double power chain. For one thing, the excessive levels of force (which is why double power chains may be used in fast braces cases) can potentially result in damage to the roots, which is why case selection is so crucial. In addition, double power chains can be a nightmare when it comes to hygiene.
You should also keep in mind that not all brackets can necessarily handle double power chain. We generally recommend using 022 slots over 018 slots because the higher profile typically gives better results.
If you’re unsure about whether a patient will be suitable for double power chains, contact our friendly team here at Straight Smile Solutions for further support. We’re proud to offer packages for general dentists just getting started in the ortho field, and we can help you decide on the most appropriate treatment plans for your fast braces cases.