Wearing a Theroux Retainer for Too Long

When finishing cases with Phase I treatment plans, Theroux retainers can be an excellent option for retention. However, wearing a Theroux retainer for too long may be problematic, which is important to keep in mind.
What are the Options for Phase I Retainers?
Phase I treatment plans are carried out as the first set of orthodontics in young, growing patients to fix bites, usually between six and nine years old.
Some of the different options for retainers when finishing cases with Phase I (and before ortho starts on Phase II if needed) include:
– Bonded retainers go behind the lingual teeth on either the top or the bottom
– Pre-finished / healthy start G retainers are highly effective (albeit expensive) Phase I and Phase II retainers
– Theroux retainers aren’t always advertised as often, but they are thicker than regular retainers and can provide excellent results.
You may not always need to use retainers, depending on the type of orthodontics work you have done on the patient.
If you decide to use Theroux retainers, it’s important to check patients every three to six months to ensure that the retainer still fits properly.
Unfortunately, though, Theroux retainers can potentially be worn for too long, which can leave the uncovered teeth prone to continually erupting (while others are not). This can mean that only the uncovered teeth will have contact once the Theroux retainers are removed.
In other words, you’ll have both posterior and anterior openbite in the patient. Fortunately, this can be fixed in Phase II, but it’s still worth finishing cases with regular checkups.
Get Professional Support
If you need professional support, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions. Our team can help guide you through your Phase I orthodontics cases, helping ensure you’re well-equipped when ortho starts.