True Unilateral Cross Bites: An Uncommon Phenomenon

Have you ever encountered a true unilateral cross bite case with your orthodontics work? It’s a case that many people suspect in kids, but this may not be the case. And so, with this thought in mind, it’s worth checking whether the case you’ve been presented is actually a true unilateral cross bite or if it might be something else.
Things to Look At If You Suspect a Unilateral Cross Bite
If you’ve been wondering about unilateral cross bites, it’s important to start by looking at the midlines for your patient, especially in a child. If you notice issues with the midlines, there’s a good chance that the issue isn’t actually a true unilateral cross bite. As such, you should be able to resolve this easily with the right treatment plan.
However, if the midlines are correct, it may be worth getting a second check to learn more about the potential signs and whether you’re looking at a true unilateral cross bite.
Final Thoughts
True unilateral cross bite cases are surprisingly rare, although it’s not uncommon for cases to look like this. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help avoid difficulties with your own diagnosis.