If you’ve been in the dental community for some time, you’ve probably heard of Healthy Start®, the hybrid sleep-orthodontic system. The history of the evolution of Healthy Start® is as interesting as the founder, Dr. Earl Bergersen. It rebranded from Orthotain® to Healthy Start® in the 1970’s. Dr. Bergersen tells a compelling story about how he started noticing a fascinating correlation amongst young patients who wore his Orthotain® dental positioner: an improvement in sleep-disordered breathing symptoms (a.k.a. kids sleep apnea), bed-wetting, overall academic performance and focus.

Obviously, tonsils, adenoids, nasal obstruction and orthodontic habits like mouth breathing and thumb sucking can all contribute to sleep-disordered breathing so a plastic mouthpiece isn’t a cure-all for every child. However research and testimonies support that for many kids and families, it really is a life-changing orthodontic appliance.

I initially became interested in Healthy Start® because one of my StraightSmile Solutions® clients admired the system and recommended I review the research. Initially skeptical, I took the two-day certification class to learn more about it. The class was jammed-packed with Pediatric Dentists, General Dentists, Orthodontists and staff. Unlike other classes I’ve attended, this one had energy, music, friendship and collaboration. What we all had in common is that we loved kids and we were present to learn and help.

Over the next two days a variety of speakers presented, which brought fresh focus to the class. We heard from Orthodontists, GP’s, parents and local children. We even got to examine and screen real, prospective patients.

The evenings were not forgotten. The collaboration continued, as the Healthy Start Team® hosted the out-of-towers at a social get-together. We left the Healthy Start® course with a new found appreciation for a quiet orthodontic system that changes both lives and smiles. There’s not a lot of procedures in dentistry that can create raving fans, but Healthy Start® does! It’s a fun, interactive orthodontic system, when prescribed precisely, simply changes lives.

As a provider, not only will you be listed on their provider network, but the Healthy Start Team® will also support you, as they work with you to help you screen ideal patients. Your success is their success. They use innovative, mainstream, social-media to reach out to prospective patients in your area and direct them to your office. Within the provider portal is a myriad of provider education and support opportunities.

For more information about the Healthy Start® system, visit www.thehealthystart.com. To more successfully integrate orthodontics into your practice, visit www.straightsmilesolutions.com.