Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets for Orthodontics Treatment Plans

Have you ever wondered about the benefits that self-ligating brackets could offer as part of your orthodontics treatment plans? It’s not always easy to find the ideal solutions for your patients, but self-ligating brackets can potentially be a valuable option in some scenarios.
The Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets for Orthodontics Treatment Plans
Self-ligating brackets were an incredibly popular option before the rise of effective clear aligners, mainly because they negate the need to use rubber ties. Moreover, self-ligating brackets generally required fewer visits to the clinic as well. This made them popular for rapid solutions without as much force, especially in non-growing adults.
Are Self-Ligating Brackets Worth It?
While self-ligating brackets were excellent orthodontics solutions back in the day, most general dentists providing orthodontic services these days will just use clear aligners, such as Invisalign. It’s especially limited in cases where Power Chain is already being provided since you’ll invariably still need to see the patient regularly regardless. Why bother?
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