Taking Photos During Invisalign and Clear Aligner Check Ins

If you have been working on a clear aligner or Invisalign case, taking regular photos during the consultation can offer numerous benefits – and keeping this in mind could help you safeguard your services and ensure you’re providing the best for your clients and patients.
When Should I Take Photos During Invisalign and Clear Aligner Check Ins?
During your Invisalign and clear aligner check ins, taking regular photos is hugely important for your cases during every check in. This is hugely important to provide traceability and credibility to your services. These help prove that the aligners are flush and seated properly.
What Photos Should I Be Taking?
There are several photos you should be taking during your clear aligner or Invisalign check ins. These include the following two points:
1) a full set of intra-oral photos with aligners out
2) set of three tracking photos with aligners in
In addition to this, you should also be taking regular intra-oral photos (upper, lower, left, right, front). Of course, if you do notice that your patient’s treatment plan seems to have gone off track, make sure you find a new set that fits for the patient’s needs to cut down on refiner use.
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