There has been a lot of interest about orthodontic aftercare opportunities. Below is a summary about Retainers for Life, one of the corporate, branded orthodontic aftercare opportunities. Note, that my emails and attempts to contact the owners of this company were unsuccessful after several months so these notes are based on what I understood from their website and also from a webinar that was hosted by Forestedent on 7/24/20:

1. This opportunity is for orthos only. GPs not allowed (for now).
2. You must have a scanner to participate
3. There is no cost for the ortho office to join and onboard
4. Cost to the patient is $798 to join. Once one of your patients join you get a check for $300.
5. You will upload your final scan at your final records appointment into their portal.
6. Patients can order unlimited replacement retainers for $39 each
7. There is no yearly (aka like Amazon Prime) fee to stay a member. You get $39 retainers for life. I see this is a major liability for practice sales.
8. If a patient needs a new scan because of shifting or dental work, they need to visit their dentist for a new scan. New scans are $100 for the patient.
9. No lab fee to the doctor
10. There are also Phase 1 retainers and “blinged out” retainers (decals) on essix retainers (may cost extra?)