After the onset of covid-19, a lot of dentists wanted to find new ideas to create passive income streams. Some ideas include writing an e-book and or becoming an affiliate marketer. Dentists with some free time on their hands can set up several revenue streams that wouldn’t require more effort to generate more revenue.
One passive income idea for dentists is creating social media content for other dentists. In this revenue generation idea, you can produce social media content targeting consumers instead of other dentists. Social media is full of content which is created by people who aren’t necessarily dentists or don’t have the right qualifications to offer this information. Visit dentist offices and offer to produce social media content for them for the first month and charge them for the preceding months.
I started using social media and now have 30,000 Instagram followers and 10,000 TikTok followers. Because there are more consumers who can buy your goods, your social media presence as a dentist can grow stronger in the B2C market. I vet my following and only connect with other dentists who can easily understand technical terms.
You can develop your own material or outsource it to Fivver, who will engage a graphic designer and video editor to help you. You can learn from other dentists and adapt what has worked for them in your own practice by following them. You will need patience with social networking, but the benefits are limitless.
Another smart option to generate passive income is to become an affiliate of dentistry items on sites such as Amazon. You can register with Amazon and receive product links. Before accepting you into their affiliate marketing network, Amazon will have to evaluate you to determine your degree of professionalism. If you have used dentist items before, you can write reviews or share your experience with them. Amazon will give you a modest commission on any sales made through your affiliate channel. If you put in the effort, you may be rewarded handsomely at the end of each month.