Ortho Discounts for Dental Teams and Families
Dr. Amanda from Straight Smile Solutions discusses costs and pricing options for staff, families, and friends.

Comprehensive Financial Approach
● Orthodontic treatment involves a significant commitment of time and money.
● Addressing financial aspects of the orthodontic journey.
Pricing Structure:
● Refer to the office’s handbook and policies.
● Free preventative care and discounts on treatments, including lab fees.
● It is ideal for minor procedures and scheduling gaps.
Substantial Procedures (e.g., Orthodontic Treatments):
● Full-time employees with specific tenure:
● Upfront payment of ortho treatment lab fee (approx. $1900).
● Cover additional lab fees during treatment while employed.
● No case transfer if leaving the company.
● Responsibility for treatment completion.
● Encouraging commitment aligns with the office’s interests.
● Charges are applicable only during employment with the company.
Invisalign Partnership:
● Negotiate reduced lab fees for hitting the case threshold.
● Motivational incentive for team performance.
● Clear communication and tracking of eligible cases.
Part-Time Employees’ Benefits:
● Part-time employees receive a discount on the lab fee.
● Increases accessibility to orthodontic treatment.
Friends and Family:
● Offer a modest yet appealing discount.
● Flexibility in discount offers.
Streamlined Approach:
● Offer white-label aligners for simple cases.
● The pay-per-aligner model reduces overall costs.
Evolving Policies:
● Policies are subject to change; stay informed through open communication with staff.
Building Community and Well-being:
● Orthodontic treatment beyond aesthetics
● Fostering a sense of community and well-being
● Benefits extend to employees, friends, and family

Incentives for Active Engagement:
● Invisalign treatment offers reduced lab fees based on case numbers.
● Motivates staff to work together and potentially decrease treatment costs.

Consider the Bigger Picture:
● Orthodontic treatment is not just about aesthetics.
● Focus on creating a sense of well-being and shared values.

The outlined strategies underscore the importance of clear communication, commitment, and the practice’s best interests. Your practice and its members can foster successful treatment outcomes and enduring relationships by adhering to these guidelines.