We didn’t learn any business skills in dental school. I do remember a professor putting on some Tony Robbins tapes, but that was the extent of our training. Like other new grads, I was woefully unprepared for the real world. I see new grads reaching out on Facebook forums and I also see a lot of predators out there. I try to offer advice and my contact information, but I am often kicked off forums for reaching out and offering to help.

One of my tips for new grads is to start creating content and building their Linkedin network. Even if you are happily employed or stable in your practice, the network really an an amazing resource.

I started building my network a few years ago when Linkedin was new and novel. Now I have almost 16000 followers, mostly all in the dental industry. At first I would try to reach out to at least 30-50 people a day in companies I found interesting. I offered everyone a complimentary consultation. Often you find incredible synergy when least expected. I never turn down a phone call. I book my schedule just like I did in my practice with a “production” column (for paid clients) and a non-production column. Sometimes I double book my non-production column in case phone calls flake out.

I read a lot: books, journal articles, other posts. I focus mostly on Linkedin but also on YouTube. I ask a lot of questions.

Aim high, never be afraid to reach for the stars. You would be surprised who is listening. Thanks to Linkedin, I had a great conversation with the Invisalign CEO, Joe Hogan.

Your expertise will slowly lead to paid opportunities: speaking engagements, travel, paid influencer compensation and explorative phone calls.

I don’t do paid advertising on Linkedin. I tried, but I found the process to confusing.

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