Incisor Extraction vs IPR

Have you ever wondered about the different techniques you should be using for crowding cases? There are several options you could consider for crowding cases that may help you find the optimal solutions for your patients’ orthodontics needs. After all, there’s no single approach to crowding cases, and while some scenarios may need a procline treatment plan, others may need lower incisor extraction or even IPR.
How to Choose the Right Crowding Treatment Plan for Orthodontics Patients
Choosing the right crowding treatment plan is difficult. And, with three options to choose between (lower incisor extraction, IPR, and proclination), the right approach may be hard to find.
If you’re going for an extraction, it’s worth checking whether there are any teeth that are more obviously displaced, which may be the best candidates for removal.
IPR, meanwhile, may be a good option for around 0.5mm reductions in space between all of the teeth. This allows around 5mm more space in the mouth in total, although you will end up losing some of the patient’s enamel while doing so.
Finally, proclination may work best in cases where a fuller side profile may be better suited. The simple method of working out whether proclination could help is to take a side profile of the patient’s face, then draw a line from the tip of the nose to the chin. If the lips sit well behind the line without touching it at all, proclination may be a good option.
Get Professional Support for your Cases
If you find yourself facing a difficult ortho case and don’t know where to turn, coming up with an effective treatment plan alone can seem tough. Fortunately, our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions can help you work out the most effective crowding technique to use for your orthodontics patients. Doing so should help you get great results with fewer refinements that’ll thrill your patients, as often as possible.