Looking to Purchase a GP Practice with Active Bracket and Wire Patients?

I. Introduction

Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions sheds light on acquiring a dental practice with existing bracket and wire orthodontic cases. Drawing on her extensive experience, she emphasizes the importance of thorough auditing, urging potential buyers to scrutinize every detail. Dr. Amanda shares valuable insights on the nuances of buying practices with Invisalign cases, advising viewers to explore her YouTube channel for comprehensive guidance. She stresses the significance of progress records, X-rays, and photos for each case, warning against hidden liabilities. The discussion extends to considerations like treatment philosophy, airway focus, and meticulous case handling, offering a roadmap for a successful practice transition. Dr. Amanda also extends her expertise to assist in virtual or in-person audits for those seeking professional guidance navigating this complex terrain.

II. Importance of Auditing Orthodontic Cases

  1. Need for a thorough audit
  2. Progress records and their significance
  3. Identifying red flags in existing cases
  4. The impact on the value of the practice

III. Invisalign-Specific Considerations

  1. Comprehensive cases only
  2. Timeframe for case completion
  3. Importance of progress reports

IV. Audit Process for Orthodontic Cases

  1. Utilizing reports for a complete patient list
  2. Examining each case individually
  3. Ensuring no patient is left behind
  4. Addressing active treatment on patients’ teeth

V. Red Flags in Orthodontic Cases

  1. Lack of regular patient visits
  2. Patient abandonment issues
  3. The impact on practice value

VI. Treatment Philosophy Alignment

  1. Importance of shared treatment planning philosophy
  2. Airway-focused treatment considerations
  3. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools

VII. Recommendations for GP Practices with Brackets and Wire Ortho

  1. Detailed patient audit process
  2. The challenge of patient abandonment
  3. Evaluating treatment planning philosophy

VIII. Assistance from StraightSmile Solutions

  1. Virtual vs. in-person audit options
  2. Cost considerations for virtual assistance
  3. Addressing challenges with paper charts and records

IX. Evaluating Accounts Receivable

  1. Overview of accounts receivable considerations
  2. Implications of auto-bill and upfront payments
  3. Profitability concerns in finishing GP Ortho cases

X. Selling Practices with Fixed Ortho

  1. Challenges in selling practices with fixed ortho
  2. Suggestion to finish cases before selling
  3. Phasing down ortho services for an easier transition

XII. Additional Considerations

  1. Examination of accounts receivable
  2. Discussion on the profitability of completing GP Ortho cases
  3. Recommendation to finish cases before selling the practice

XIII. Conclusion

Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions emphasizes the importance of thorough due diligence when considering buying a dental practice with existing bracket and wire orthodontic cases. She recommends auditing each case, ensuring they have progress records, x-rays, and photos. Dr. Amanda warns against acquiring practices with patients near the three, four, or five-year mark in their treatment, suggesting focusing on cases within the first two years. She stresses the need for meticulousness in auditing, especially for Invisalign cases, and cautions against inheriting liabilities. Additionally, she advises aligning treatment planning philosophies and being cautious about practices with excessive extractions or jaw surgery cases. Lastly, she suggests finishing fixed ortho cases before selling a practice to enhance its marketability.