Is Palatal Expansion Possible with Braces and Wires On?

Have you ever wondered whether you could do a palatal expansion on a braces or wires patient? In many cases, once you’ve already installed braces as part of a treatment plan, it becomes a little difficult to work out whether or not you can still do a palatal expansion. However, our experts are on hand today to help you find out a bit more about this topic and whether palatal expansion is possible alongside your braces / wires treatment plans.
Can You Do Palatal Expansion with a Braces / Wires Treatment Plan
Palatal expansion is absolutely possible with braces and wires in place. However, it’s worth considering that you’ll need to take a more specific approach to make this work. Most often, a rapid palate expander (RPE) or fixed expander will be best suited to this requirement.
If you’re doing palate expansion with wires, it’s worth considering that a heavy wire can really complicate things. As such, in this scenario, going for thinner wires – e.g., a 14 – may be more practical.
It may also be possible to work with a Schwartz retainer, depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about how to proceed, make sure to contact our experts here at Straight Smile Solutions today!
Final Thoughts
If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can do a palatal expansion with braces or wires on, there’s some good news: yes! With the right treatment plan, it’s absolutely possible to do a palatal expansion, usually with a fixed expander or a rapid pallet expander.
If you have any further questions about developing a palatal expansion treatment plan, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Straight Smile Solutions for further support.