Have you ever wondered about whether you could use Invisalign or clear aligners as an alternative to doing RPE expanders or palatal expansion on your patients? Palatal expansion can be a useful tool, but if you are doing an Invisalign or clear aligner case, you may want to consider: is palatal expansion really necessary?

Using Invisalign for Palatal Expansion Cases

If you have a patient who needs palatal expansion, an alternative option may now be available. Indeed, Invisalign is releasing its range of expanders designed to clip into your patient’s clear aligners.

As such, if this Invisalign product is rolled out and available for you to try, it may be possible to go straight into your Class II cases that need palatal expansion without having to do the expansion first. This could be incredibly useful for streamlining palatal expansion cases.

However, in some cases, it’s worth noting that more minor expansion cases may not necessarily need expanders at all. In E&T, vaulted palate, and airway issue cases, for example (among others), you’ll definitely want to still use an expander. However, in cases where the palate is only slightly constricted, and there are no significant complications (such as airway difficulties), it may be possible potentially to see improvements with Invisalign alone.