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With the publication of my blog about the Invisalign GO! launch in the United States, there have been many questions about the difference between Invisalign Assist and Go.

The Invisalign Assist Package is an aesthetically-oriented treatment (aka anterior movements, not bite correction) option designed for GP’s to treat simple malocclusion of anterior teeth without the need for A-P correction.

Invisalign Assist, like GO! offers built-in tools/resources/support to help general dentists provide aligner treatment. Some key attributes of the treatment include:

Batch Shipping: Aligners are shipped in batches of 10, so doctors can proactively track treatment progress during the case. (This means you don’t get all the aligners at one time. They ship them in small amounts and when you give the thumbs-up that everything is going ok, they will send more. ClearCorrect® does this already as standard. I think it’s good because it’s more eco-friendly.)

Progress Tracking Tool: Doctors are prompted to take a scan/impression and submit for an online assessment between each batch. (This service is also offered by DM, Dental Monitoring for an additional fee but they do this with photos. Sometimes people think it’s a pain to have to take a new scan/impression every 10 aligners).
Automatic ClinCheck Modification: If the treatment is not tracking to plan, Align will adjust the ClinCheck before manufacturing the next batch of aligners. (They will modify your ClinCheck for you based on #2).

Detailed Appointment Plans: Customized instructions for every individual patient including details attachment placement and IPR staging. (They will simplify it for you. Note- Straightsmile Solutions already does this standard for our clients but for all cases and all systems.)

Compliance Indicators: To gauge the wear time of aligners (Note, these are available on the Comprehensive Invisalign system as well but for an additional fee).
Assist does not include some aligner features, like Precision Cuts, Eruption Compensation, or Molar tabs.

With Invisalign Assist, there is no limit to the number of aligners on each case and the Additional Aligner policy is 5 years. This is the same as Comprehensive. If an Invisalign Assist case requires 13 or fewer aligners, then the case is manufactured as a complete case and all aligners are shipped. In this situation, the doctor receives a discount on the invoice for the shorter treatment case.

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