It blows my mind how many of my doctors don’t take the time to idealize and optimize their Invisalign Doctor Profile. If you want help, please visit and click on “contact-us” to schedule a free call.

This is a free, no-brainer, five-minute exercise that can get you referrals.

Here are the steps to rise the ranks and hopefully be displayed on the first page of the doctor locator in your city:

Go to this page:
Put in your zip code. Search and see where you are. If you aren’t on the first page, you have work to do! Be sure to look at teens and adults.
Make sure you are treating at least 5 teen patients per year to stay on the teen locator.
Now log in to you Invisalign portal. Did you accept the advantage TOS this year? If not, accept it. Go to the top, right corner under your name and click the tab to the profile section.
Take a professional picture and upload it. Also take some time to fill in all the blanks to update the hours, insurance and other important sections of the profile.
That’s it! As you rise in the ranks (bronze, silver, gold..etc) you’ll also rise within the doctor locator. If you get an iTero you’ll also rise.