1) Keep IN TOUCH with patients.

2) Keep the MORALE UP of our patients.

3) Keep their TREATMENT GOING as much as possible.

But most importantly:

4) Show the community/patients/parents that you are actively engaged in their wellbeing and that of their families.

5) Initiate virtual consultations. Consider sending out white-label “kits” like Smile Concierge Club to get patients started on Phase 1, Aligners and IDB. Phase 1 and Aligners could be mailed to existing patients of record who have already had an exam and x-rays.

6) Switch routing ortho adjustment appointments to virtual. One employee can manage a day’s worth of virtual patients. See my previous YouTube videos and blogs on the subject.

7) Create instructional videos for your YouTube channel. If you can’t film live ones, you can (as a doctor) go over what to expect for now.

Video 1: New Patient (Kid)

Video 2: New Patient (Adult)

Video 3: Bonding/Scan/Start

Video 4: Braces Adjustment (Kid)

Video 5: Braces Adjustment (Adult)

Video 6: Invisalign/White Label Aligner Adjustment

Video 7: Observation I (Kid on Recall Waiting for Comprehensive)

Video 8: Observation II (Kid on Recall Waiting for Phase 2)

Video 9: Retainer Check (Kid)

Video 10: Retainer Check (Adult)

Video 11: Phase 1 Appliance Adjustment