I often get asked this question and I really don’t have an answer for it, outside of “we do things differently”:

1. We don’t have some blurb that you cut and paste in your comments section of your Invisalign Clinical Preferences.

* This never works! All it does it slow down your treatment-planning and confuse the technicians.

2. We don’t move only anterior teeth:

* How can you expect predictable outcomes if you are only moving “some teeth”?

3. We correct habits BEFORE Invisalign Starts

* This is self-explanatory. All oral habits (mouth breathing, tongue-thrusting, thumb-sucking) MUST be corrected fully before treatment starts.

4. We don’t do compromised/ orthognathic cases.

* These need jaw surgery and we don’t try heroics. Refer them to ortho.

5. We stage our treatment 2-3x longer

* Why over-promise and under-deliver?! Our way just works better and patients LOVE it!!

6. We LOVE bite turbos!

* Love, Love, Love! BUT- take them off a few aligners before the end or you’ll have overjet.

7. We believe in weekly changes but also weekly virtual tracking for an accountability loop.

* Why do refinements, when they aren’t often necessary? Do things right the FIRST time!

8. We Believe in Phase 1 Tx and Growth Modification and Expansion should be done Early in Phase 1 Treatment