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Today I had the honor of meeting with Mr. Raphael Pascaud, SVP of Business Development at Align Technology. ® His team has granted me permission to blog to my followers about the new Invisalign GO® product which, after some initial beta testing in Europe, is now being launched globally to general dentists.

I would like to thank Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pascaud for taking the time to listen to my feedback and to tell me more about their new program. Ultimately, their goal is to support the general dentists in their network and to encourage collaboration between orthodontists and general dentists. Since this goal is also one of the core values of StraightSmile Solutions®, it’s great to be in some synergy with their team finally.

In a nutshell, doctors can elect to be a part of the Invisalign GO® program. It’s a separate program than the traditional Invisalign Fundamentals™ course. There are a few key benefits to this program that are not available to traditional Invisalign providers:

1. You’ll be able to receive immediate feedback on cases through the Invisalign® Photo Uploader App. (Note- StraightSmile Solutions® already offers this feedback service to our clients through our own proprietary platform.)

2. If your case is accepted to Invisalign GO®, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan that only involves “green” (predictable) movements.

3. If a case is not accepted to Invisalign GO®, you’ll have the option to refer the case to an orthodontist in your network automatically.

4. Immediately, you’ll be able to toggle the set-up without sending the Clincheck® in for a modification to see the Clincheck® with/without attachments or with/without IPR. That’s four Clinchecks® at the beginning. This saves you at least a week of modifications and quite a lot of time.

If you are interested in opting into Invisalign GO®, please visit check with your TM or call Invisalign to sign-up. The pricepoint is similar to a Lite® pricepoint and is hundreds less than Invisalign Assist.®

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