There is nothing I like better than an underdog story and boy do I have one for you today!

I previously posted an article about measuring orthodontic efficiency in your practice. If you haven’t taken my challenge, please click here before you read the rest of this blog. If your margin isn’t at least enough on each case, you aren’t doing it efficiently. You should be profiting at least $1500-$2000 on each case. If you aren’t, read on. I’ll be talking about ways to take back control of the profitability of your orthodontic cases by leveraging technology to reduce chair time and lab fees.

I’ve been preaching remote consults and remote aligner check-ins for years with my StraightSmile Solutions® clients. This is not at all DIY or DTC dentistry. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s just reducing unnecessary chair time and increasing efficiency in your practice.

In response to the frustration of many of my clients pertaining to the high start-up costs to join Dental Monitoring® (DM), my friend Dr. Doug Moorehead of Moorehead Dentistry in Ohio is launching a myriad of programs through GP Ortho Tracking™ to increase the ROI in your aligner, braces and functional appliance patients. With UNLIMITED patients and check-ins and start-up costs as low as $199 for each practice, it is the perfect solution for every general dentist, orthodontist or pediatric dentist who doesn’t have enough volume to sustain the high costs of Dental Monitoring System.

Just to compare apples to apples, let’s say you have twenty (20) active orthodontic patients. Your cost for all your patients for the set-up and support for first year of GP Ortho Tracking is just as low as less than $1400. In comparison, DM would be more like $4000-$6000 depending on which plan and services you choose.

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