Phase 1-

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Here’s the straightwire course-

Digital Straightwire Class | StraightSmile Solutions®

The discount for that is already “baked in” for another day or so.

Here’s my Invisalign content-

Educational Orthodontics Videos | Orthodontics Training | StraightSmile Solutions®

Here’s my clear aligner webinar- some are free-

Orthodontic Webinars | Orthodontic Courses | Best Orthodontic Consultants

My suggestion is invest a few hundred into these course (plus she’d get 27 CEU) Watch all the content for the next few months. While doing that, start to have your team scan EVERY patient in your office with teeth.

How to Make Six Figures in Six Months with an iTero 2 or Above

and come up with your IBP/KPI for the office

Getting Patients to say “Yes” to ortho- Setting up Incentive Bonus Plans for Ortho

Once you have a lot of records (scans/photos/pano) BANKED- sign up for my Concierge membership- heads up, price goes up Jan 12 . We lock your fees in indefinitely once you subscribe so you will save a lot of money before Jan12.

Orthodontic Consulting | Orthodontic Consultants | StraightSmile Solutions®

We’ll help coach you, your team, your TC, your back office on getting these treatment planned and sold. Any cases (Phase 1, aligners, invis, braces). I think 3-6 months is more than enough time to get her up and running as long as she preps first and you bank a lot of records so we can hit the ground running. That’s about it!!

How to Make Money with your iTero- the 2-2-2 Ortho Recall Plan