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As StraightSmile Solutions® celebrates its third anniversary, we are proud to announce our first hands-on course! This is a low-cost, customizable alternative to Six Month Smiles® and Fast Braces®. 

Click here to register DigitalCourseTOS or email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an electronic version via Docusign® Please complete and return the signed document with your preferences and registration for the course. Following the completion, we will send you an invoice through Stripe® which can be paid by Debit or Credit. Once the payment is processed, we’ll assemble your custom course bag and ship it. Since the bags are totally customized, we appreciate your patience. This can take up to 14 business day for the US and 21 business days for international. We will notify you with the tracking once it’s shipped. Please email us at [email protected] with questions.

The world’s first customizable, digital, orthodontic education. Just pay for what you need!

* Basic Straightwire Mechanics


* IntraOral Elastics

* Orthodontic Photography

* Case Selection and Treatment Planning

Customized, learn as you go, on your own time with a built-in feedback and accountability loop for team members. Please email us for details and for a customized proposal. Discounts for group practices.