It always surprises me when patients ask for braces when they have complex restorative work when they could have Invisalign or other clear aligner brands.
Below is my scripting and verbiage to explain the importance of why clear aligners are superior in these situations.

1. You’ll need to damage the crowns in order to get some adhesion which will lower the lifespan of her crowns and/or she’ll need to pay out of pocket to replace her crowns after treatment

2. You can put bands on the crowns but this will likely damage her periodontal tissue long term and add to the risk of needing periodontal surgery later and also it is very attractive (think pirate teeth) and they also collect a lot of bacteria which can cause an odor and are very uncomfortable. Tell her this is how ortho was done from 1900-1980 and you want her to have “new” ortho which means aligners.

3. Just tell her you have confidence that she’ll wear them.
We can also slow down the treatment plan and have her wear it at 2 week intervals which gives us some wiggle room for compliance.

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