Can you Expand with RPE or Schwartz the SAME TIME as Lower Invisalign Clear Aligners?
I. Introduction
A. Dr. Amanda from Straight Smile Solutions
B. Upcoming Invisalign technology expansion
C. Need for creative solutions in the absence of expanders

II. Phase One Course at Straight Smile Solutions
A. Resources available (playlist and course)
B. Affordable cost

III. Scenario Discussion
A. The need for palatal expansion in growing kids
B. The desire to avoid braces

IV. Utilizing Invisalign for Palatal Expansion
A. Exploring an unconventional approach
B. Aligning teeth before expansion
C. Requesting alignment with maximum transverse movements
D. Avoiding other treatment elements like proclamation, IPR, etc.

V. Process Steps
A. Preparation before expander delivery
B. Patient communication about Invisalign in stages
C. Upper expander delivery
D. Caution on speed to avoid scissor bite
E. Aligning front teeth

VI. Progression and Bite Settling
A. Monitoring treatment progress
B. Retaining upper bite after expander removal
C. Refinement process with Invisalign on the bottom

VII. Handling Upper Aligners
A. Disposing of upper aligners
B. Explaining Invisalign’s limitations
C. The importance of traditional expansion
D. The need for bone retention and remodeling

VIII. Conclusion
A. Success of the unconventional approach
B. Continued use until Invisalign expanders are available
C. Awaiting the launch of expanders for improved treatment options.
The concurrent use of RPE (Rapid Palatal Expansion) or Schwartz appliances alongside lower Invisalign Clear Aligners represents a promising and versatile approach in orthodontics. This dual treatment strategy can effectively address upper arch expansion needs and lower arch alignment issues, offering patients a comprehensive solution for their orthodontic concerns. By combining these techniques, orthodontists can provide a more balanced and harmonious smile transformation, ensuring optimal dental health and aesthetics. This innovative approach empowers patients to achieve their desired results efficiently and discreetly, further exemplifying the ever-evolving landscape of orthodontic care.