Can you Delay RPE Palatal Expansion in a Mixed Dentition Patient? Risks
I. Introduction
● Dr. Amanda of Straight Smile Solutions discusses the need for early expansion in mixed dentition cases.
● Promotes her phase one course for comprehensive understanding.
II. Can We Wait?
● Addressing the question of whether expansion can be delayed when the patient is in mixed dentition.
III. Reasons for Expansion
● The main reasons for early expansion include:
➢ Airway issues and symptoms related to airway problems.
➢ Crowding, vaulted palate, and insufficient space.
➢ Eruption lanes, potential impactions, and lack of space for teeth.
➢ Growth issues and unfavorable vertical growth patterns.
➢ Space creation for future dental work and reduced risk of impactions.
IV. Airway Concerns
● Exploring airway issues and their connection with expansion.
● Mention the importance of sleep-disordered breathing forms.
V. Growth Patterns
● Discussing how patients with airway issues tend to grow down and back instead of forward.
● Describing the need to prevent unfavorable vertical growth patterns.
VI. Eruption Lanes
● Highlighting the importance of clear eruption guidance lanes for teeth.
● Discussing the connection between expansion and improved outcomes.
VII. Timing of Puberty
● Emphasizing the significance of considering puberty timing.
● Encouraging practitioners to determine when puberty will occur, especially in girls.
VIII. Boys vs. Girls
● Comparing the importance of early expansion for boys and girls.
● Boys may need it for different reasons, while girls require careful timing.
IX. Advantages of Early Expansion
● The potential to save money, time, and discomfort by addressing expansion at a younger age.
● Discussing better outcomes and patient readiness.
X. Conclusion
● Dr. Amanda recommends starting expansion as soon as first molars and a few incisors are present.
● Early expansion often leads to better success compared to waiting until adolescence.
Dr. Amanda from Straight Smile Solutions addressed whether to wait for expansion treatment in mixed dentition cases. She highlighted the primary reasons for early intervention, including airway issues, unfavorable growth patterns, space concerns, and timing of puberty. Early expansion improves the airway and growth and can lead to a more efficient and cost-effective orthodontic journey. Dr. Amanda emphasized the importance of early action and shared valuable resources for in-depth information on the subject.