The Relationship Between Bedwetting and Orthodontics

Bedwetting – it’s one of those issues that so many of us with young children end up struggling with at some point, but it’s not an impossible challenge to overcome. However, many people fail to recognize the relationship between bedwetting and orthodontics – and we here at Straight Smile Solutions are on hand to help highlight this connection.
How are Orthodontics and Bedwetting Linked?
Orthodontics and bedwetting might seem like very different topics – but there may actually be a surprising connection between the two.
Of course, if you have to ask your patients about this topic, it’s worth broaching it gently. Indeed, many patients – and their parents, potentially – may be embarrassed to discuss this topic. However, research suggests that rapid maxillary expansion may help resolve bedwetting cases. Fortunately, through orthodontics and arch/palette expansions, you may be able to help open the airways and reduce the chances of bedwetting occurring.
However, addressing the issues can potentially make a big difference to a child’s ability to sleep through the night without bedwetting. As such, if there could be a connection here for your patients, their parents will definitely appreciate it.
Find Professional Support for your Orthodontics Cases at Straight Smile Solutions
We here at Straight Smile Solutions understand a thing or two when it comes to orthodontics – and our experts can help you find the ideal solutions for your own patients’ cases. So, if you need any support with this, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for a private consultation. Don’t forget to suggest that your patients also contact a sleep physician to help further.