Addressing Maryland Bridges with Invisalign and Clear Aligners

Have you been looking for a way to address Maryland bridge cases? Maryland bridges are often used for anterior bridges and can potentially be addressed using clear aligners and/or Invisalign, but this isn’t necessarily a quick fix – so it’s important to know how to address Maryland bridge cases using Invisalign.
How to Set Up an Invisalign or Clear Aligners Case for a Maryland Bridge
If your patient has a Maryland bridge, you may need to take extra care with your Invisalign or clear aligners plan. As such, while taking the ClinCheck is vitally important, it’s also worthwhile to recognize that these cases can potentially change the ClinCheck depending on the features of the case.
It’s also important to recognize that the case may take a little longer than it normally would if you need to overcorrect for overbite or overjet. This is also important to consider when explaining things to your patient to ensure the bite is fixed properly.
Getting your lab involved with the Maryland bridges case closely is hugely important in these cases to ensure that a suitable treatment plan is found.
Final Thoughts
If you’ve been looking to do Invisalign on a Maryland bridge case, you’ll need to be very careful to ensure that you don’t accidentally knock the wings off of the Maryland bridge. Fortunately, with the right approach and by considering the features of the bridge carefully, you should be able to carry on with an Invisalign or clear aligners case without too much difficulty.