When to Apply 2nd Molar Bands and Brackets

In many cases, determining whether 2nd molar bands and brackets need to be fitted can seem like a minefield – often because every case is unique! However, knowing when these may or may not apply could be hugely important if you’ve been working as a dentist or dental consultant.
So, with this thought in mind, we here at Straightsmile Solutions have outlined the main things you need to know about applying 2nd molar bands and brackets to help.
When to Apply 2nd Molar Bands and Brackets
It’s not necessarily easy to decide when to apply 2nd molar bands and brackets. While these may be used in some cases from Day 1 (or almost there), this has the potential to put the patient at risk. They’re also not necessarily comfortable for the long term, so this is worth keeping in mind.
Generally speaking, you may always need a 2nd molar bracket if you are closing extraction spaces or in premolar removal cases. Overbite and underbite cases may also be especially prone to such challenges. However, full brackets won’t necessarily be needed for most standard cases.
Remember: brackets may be prone to breaking, which can sometimes become very costly in repairs and refitting. So, if you’re at all concerned with the durability of brackets, bands may work too.
Final Thoughts
Working out when to apply second molar bands and brackets is tough since there’s no single time that’s right for every patient. Still, it’s your job as a dental consultant to recognize and overcome this challenge.
If you’re not confident enough as a dental consultant to tackle this directly, Straightsmile Solutions packages could help you find the full support you deserve. Get in touch with us today if you need more support!