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Side Effects of RPE

What Are the Side Effects of Expansion in Schwartz and Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE)?Orthodontic expansion is a common procedure for adults and children alike. But what are the side effects of Schwartz and Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE)? It’s important to be aware of potential risks before you or your child undergoes this procedure.The Potential Side […]

How to Get Started with Phase 1 and RPE in your Practice

Many doctors are interested in integrating Phase 1 Orthodontics in their practice. Early treatment with Phase 1 Orthodontics has life-long health and esthetic benefits. We have several resources we recommend to get started: 1. Read Our Blogs: 2. Listen to our Podcasts: 3. Watch our YouTube videos: 4. Watch […]

Schwartz vs RPE- Which is better?

Should you pick a removable or fixed expander? Read more about expanders here: Benefits of Expanders in Phase 1 EARLY MIXED DENTITION: Develops the arches to the ideal width. Hypothetically speaking usually when the arches are developed in the early mixed dentition to the ideal width, the teeth tend to come in straight/straighter, there is […]

RPE, Expander, Schwartz

PURPOSE: The purpose of this appliance is to widen the arch(es) usually to aid in the correction of a crossbite (usually due to a functional shift), resolve crowding, and/or expand overly constricted arches, particularly in the posterior region. When designing your appliance, make sure you communicate your goal to the lab so that the design […]

How to Turn your Schwartz or RPE Expander

Delivering a Schwartz or Sagittal Appliance