Virtual and In-Person Invisalign Day Support

Invisalign Coaching and Professional Assistance

Image of Invisaling office

We’re glad to help you with your Invisalign Day or “On Call Patients”! We offer both in-person and virtual support! Contact us for more information! Live, Virtual Support is available ONLY to clients who have been active VIP or Concierge members in good standing for at least SIX consistent months and is NOT available on weekends.  Maximum 4 hours of support is available ONE time per quarter and is subject to mutual availability  AFTER 11am PST  and must be booked 1-2 months in advance. For new doctors, the cost is $900 per hour for Virtual Invisalign Day support and is payable in FULL in advance of scheduling. 

“On-call” is our newest feature that is only offered with the Concierge and VIP plan. You are able to use our scheduling link to schedule an “on-call session” (subject to availability) with one of our orthodontists if you have an urgent patient scheduled and need an immediate answer. For clarification, we don’t allow patient-facing “on call”. It undermines your position as a treating doctor. The way on-call works is that you capture data (eg- photos) in real time and meet with us either via zoom or through secure mail in real time outside the patient op. Our insurance doesn’t allow us to meet with your patient directly because YOU are the treating doctor, not us. We are just educators and consultants. One “on call” can be scheduled at a time and can’t be scheduled concurrently with an Invisalign Day.  Once you finish one “on call” or “Invisalign Day” session, you can schedule again.