Social Media Content for Dentists

Building a Social Media Platform for Your Dental Practice

NEW to the Straight Smile Solutions services list is our exclusive social media content-only package. You asked, and we listened! We’ve always offered social media support for our VIP dentists, but we’ve heard the call for an option where you can access just the content without the orthodontic consulting.

This service will be offered as an a la carte product, with content applicable to orthodontists and dentists. For those searching for content creation services for dentists by dentists, you’ve come to the right place!

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Access to the Social Media Advice and Content Deliverables That We Offer.

What You Get from the Social Media Package:

  • Access to our social media resources
  • Access to our team for assistance
  • Content created by our team (ten static images or five 60-second videos)
  • First initial strategy call (maximum 20 minutes)
  • Second strategy call (maximum 20 minutes)

Please email [email protected] to begin the process to purchase your Social Media package: Email Now to Purchase

Program Requirements

1.    You must have existing social media accounts with a minimum of 500 followers.

We recommend that you have a minimum of 500 followers, friends, or connections on one or more of your social media accounts before signing up for our social media content creation. We are able to work with Twitter, Lemon8,  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

2.    You must be actively engaging with your social media accounts.

We want to see that you currently put effort into your social media account, know how social media works, and how to do the basics! You should be posting regularly and interacting with commenters and other accounts online.

3.    You must post to your own social media accounts.

We don’t offer posting services at this time! We are just focused on making quality social media content for your accounts.

4.    You must purchase and provide any images involved in your posts.

Stock images are great, but remember to adhere to licensing rules to avoid costly fines from Getty or Shutterstock. We will not provide images for your content to avoid licensing concerns.

5.    You must supply raw content to us for your posts.

If you aren’t using stock photos, how about a photo of a patient, your team, or what’s going on in your office? Your content online should be personalized. Photos and videos are both supported.

6.    You must obtain social media releases signed for any pictures of employees and patients.

Make sure that you have social media releases for any patients you may want to include online, as we do not handle releases.

6.    You must sign our TOS and agree to no refunds.

Sorry no refunds once purchased. If you have questions or concerns, please ask them first before purchasing. You have 1 year from the date of the purchase to finish the program with us. After that, the program expires if not used.

Cost and Pricing

One-Time Full Package Cost – $2,000

Includes strategy calls, deliverables, and editing time

Email Now to Purchase

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What You Can Expect from the Strategy Calls

The initial strategy call is to decide what type of style you like and want to emulate. The entire team can be on this call, which lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. During this call, you will be asked to send links to your social media accounts and list any accounts you may want to use as inspiration.

The second strategy will be after we have developed some content to see if you like it, need anything modified, and to direct you on how to promote engagement on your content.

Any additional strategy calls will cost $500 for 20 minutes, aligning with our hourly rates.

What You Can Expect from Our Content Creation

After you have supplied your images or videos, we will edit them and curate them for social media. We recommend you submit 20 photos to work with and 10 videos so that we can supply you with 10 finished static image posts, 5 short video posts, or a combination of the two.

Why Choose Social Media for Dentists?

Organic Traffic Marketing

It’s a common misconception that clients find their dentists through word of mouth. Social media is important for marketing! While social media is a mostly free medium for gaining attention online, guidance from an expert is a great way of ensuring your posts get seen by the right audience.

Not all dental professionals are marketing professionals, which is why it’s important to ask for help when you need it.

Guidance from Dentists

Hiring a social media consultant is a great way to learn more about social media, but not all social media consultants know about dentistry. A lot of the time, these agencies post incorrect information about dentistry.

That’s why we started helping dentists and orthodontists with social media pro tips, posting guidelines, and content. This way, you can have dentistry content to post that is correct and you are confident in.


Can I purchase the Social Media Content Creation package more than once?

At the moment, this is a new program for Straight Smile Solutions. We are testing and soft-launching a way to provide deliverables to dentists outside of our VIP program.

Will the price always be $2000?

As we mentioned, this is a new program for us. This price will likely go up over time due to hourly rates and editing time. If your budget is tight, we recommend purchasing now, as this will likely be the lowest the Social Media Content Creation package will be.

Should I purchase this package if I already have the VIP?

No, the VIP package already includes these services in addition to consultations. There’s no need to double up with this a la carte package!

What if my accounts don’t have 500 followers yet?

The algorithms require that you engage with others online, not just post in a vacuum. We want to make sure that you will do so in order for our work to pay off for you. Keep working on posting and engaging with other dentists’ accounts online. You should learn the fundamentals of social media in order for our services to work best for you!

What social media website is best for posting content?

We actually recommend that you diversify your social media accounts and post on multiple platforms. Be sure to direct traffic from one platform to another to carry followers over. This way, the followers you gain from TikTok will access and follow you on Instagram, too.

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